“Long oral agreement” cut a whopping 93%… Park Seok-min’s ‘annual salary’ cold wave

The annual salary of Park Seok-min (38, NC Dinos), who is trying to restore his pride, was cut by a whopping 93%. NC announced on the 27th that the 2023 player salary contract was completed. Excluding rookies and free agents (FA) announced by the club, there are a total of […]

“The Japanese Juan Soto? Don’t believe that” Mystery that everyone is curious about, typing in Japan

Yoshida Masataka (30‧ Boston), who is one of the best hitters in Japanese professional baseball and has achieved his dream of entering the major leagues ahead of this season, is a player who is attracting a lot of attention from the contract to the expected performance of the first season. […]

‘Former Japanese coach’ Halilhozic challenges Bento successor! Submit your resume!

Coach Vahid Halilhodzic (70) is known to have challenged the Korean national team’s baton. On the 27th, the Bosnia and Herzegovina media, ‘Sportsport Bosnia and Herzegovina’ had time to look back at the Moroccan national team’s World Cup challenge through an article. Within this, it was reported that director Halil […]

‘Ryu Ji-Hyeon’s Transformation’ KBS N Grab the Microphone and WBC Five-Way Talk

Former coach Ryu Ji-hyeon, who was the head of professional baseball LG, will start the second act of his life by grabbing the microphone this season. Just like the nickname ‘Kiddy’, he foreshadowed his witty wit and expressed his expectations for the WBC team. Reporter Huh Sol-ji met. [Report] A […]