The problem of school violence in Amabaseball should not exist anymore. This time, the son of the incumbent professional team leader was implicated as the perpetrator of the school violence.

According to a KBS report on the afternoon of the 18th, “A high school baseball player in Seoul suffered continuous school violence from three classmates in the same grade,” and “It was confirmed that one of the players pointed out as the perpetrator was the son of the current professional baseball team leader.” did.

The victim’s mother claimed in an interview that “among the perpetrators, the son of a professional baseball team leader took the most initiative in harassing his son.”

Team A of the head of the team who was pointed out in this regard said, “There is a big difference between the position of the side claiming to be the victim and the perpetrator.”

“We will sincerely cooperate with the school investigation committee’s investigation,” he said.

메이저놀이터 “Once the results come out, we will of course accept them,” he added.

Meanwhile, the school is planning to launch a fact-finding investigation into the school violence through an investigation committee soon.

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