“I feel more responsible.”

Now he is a full-fledged father. This is the story of KT catcher Kim Joon-tae (29), who became the father of a beautiful daughter in September last year and is holding a belated wedding with his wife on the 15th. He is busy raising children and preparing for marriage. He is sweating hard while losing weight to prepare for the season.

Kim Jun-tae, who is about to get married, 카지노사이트. said in a phone call with Sports Seoul on the 12th, “It’s the same to greet a season, but I have more responsibility.” He said, “I was busy raising children and preparing for marriage. Since he has a lot of weight, he has a bad knee, so he is working hard and losing weight. He has now lost 6 kg,” he added.His presence last season was different from previous years. Although he is Jang Seong-woo’s backup, he wielded a hot bat and contributed to KT’s 3 consecutive season fall party. He recorded a “career high” with a batting average of 0.275, 4 homers, 27 RBIs, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.763 in 98 games of the season. As a result, his salary has also increased significantly. He vowed to show a more developed image this year with the energy of his father.

Kim Jun-tae, who met his daughter last year and is about to get married, is determined to make this year the best year ever. He said, “I came to KT in the middle of 2021 and won. However, he finished in 4th place last year. Last year, we had a season together, but it was very disappointing to finish the fall baseball early.” “So I always have a goal to win one more championship. He wants to win and be a proud dad,” he said.

Preparations for spring camp are not negligent. I also made plans and areas to focus on training at the camp. Kim Jun-tae said, “Last year, I hit well. Hitting is important, but I want to put more emphasis on defense this year. “I have a lot of thoughts about defense,” he said. He said that my framing (the skill of catching the ball like a strike) was high. I am confident in framing, but I am lacking in other defenses.”

He is definitely a backup catcher and left-handed pinch hitter on the team, but Kang Hyeon-woo, who was discharged from the military this year, must return and compete for the position. That’s why the defense is emphasized. However, Kim Jun-tae focused on improving his skills rather than competing. “In the past, I thought a lot about winning the competition. But since last year, my mindset has changed. Rather than competing, I am determined to find a place for myself by developing my skills even more.”

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