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The events will birth their respective lawyer, professional, and also witness costs as well as expenses, unless relevant law or the AAA regulations give otherwise. We will always pay charges and also expenses that are required by legislation or that are necessary to make this arbitration stipulation enforceable. Where applicable […]

‘Is there a personality problem?’ Another armband-breaking Ronaldo, fans criticize him for ‘not being smitten’

‘The body is an adult, but the behavior is a child’ It seems that the older you get, the worse your personality becomes. Cristiano Ronaldo (38, Al Nasr), unable to control his anger again, threw the captain’s armband to the floor and kicked a water bottle. Fans booed such Ronaldo […]

Was the ‘Korean baseball box office mission’ weighed down by the Taegeuk mark… no player to enjoy

“There is a sense of pressure to produce good results in order to repay the fans.” Lee Kang-cheol, coach of the Korean national baseball team, has always mentioned the success of Korean baseball from the moment he took the baton. It is a burdensome task just to prepare for one […]

Son Heung-min ahead of AC Milan “I have to give everything… I don’t know if I will start”

Tottenham Hotspur’s Son Heung-min of the English Professional Football Premier League (EPL) promised to pour everything in the match against AC Milan (Italy). Tottenham will play the second leg of the round of 16 of the 2022-2023 European Football Association (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) against AC Milan at Tottenham Hotspur […]

MLB of transformation, deformed model of shift prohibition also appear

Major League’s 2023 season will be remembered as a revolutionary year for rule revision. It is considered the biggest change since the introduction of the designated hitter, which was first implemented in 1973. Groundbreaking rules for fans have been revised, such as speeding up the pitching time limit, no shift, and […]

‘Hot corner is mine~’ NC 94% cut off… Quietly going knife ‘The victory is in April’

Sharpens the knife quietly. NC veteran third baseman Park Seok-min (38) did not show up during the team’s Tucson spring camp practice game. As the two matches against KIA were canceled due to bad weather, he missed all three matches against Cheongbaek, one against the WBC national team, and three against […]

‘Giant’ Moustakas, Colorado minors contract…rebound at Coors Field?

The Major League (MLB) Colorado Rockies signed a free agent (FA) Mike Moustakas (35).  American sports media outlets such as said, “Colorado has signed a minor contract with Moustakas.” Moustakas aims to remain in the big leagues in an exhibition game already underway.  Moustakas is the hitter with 203 home […]

Byun Woo-hyuk’s long hit Pungpung, Han Seung-hyuk’s 153km bang… I already have a premonition of a win-win trade

The transfer students who changed their uniforms are raising their pace from the spring camp. It already feels like it will be a win-win trade.  On November 10 of last year, KIA and Hanwha made the first offseason trade. KIA traded pitchers Han Seung-hyuk (30) and Jang Ji-su (23) to Hanwha on […]