The ladies’ last bastion, Choi Jung 9, is keeping the ladies’ hopes alive. Choi Jung 9 defeated Choi Myung-hoon 9 in the 21st game of the 17th Jiji Auction Ship Gentlemen vs. Ladies Series at the Go TV studio on the evening of November 11, extending his winning streak to two games.

Choi was the final player on the ladies’ side in the 12-versus-12 ‘reverse’ matchup between the gentlemen’s and ladies’ teams. He played a crucial role in the cliffhanger, defeating Baek Dae-hyun 9th and Choi Myung-hoon 9th with four players remaining.

It was the third meeting between Choi and Choi Myung-hoon in their careers. Previously, Choi won both the 2012 Interleague main event and the 2020 Jiji Auction Boat Final.

In particular, at the 13th Jiji Auction in 2020, Choi Myung-hoon 9 defeated Choi Jung 9 to win the Gentlemen’s Team title. Of Choi Myung-hoon 9’s 1-4 record in the main event of the Jiji Auction, the only win was in the deciding game.

Starting with Choi’s black, the game was a back-and-forth affair. The win rate graph, a real-time representation of the game, fluctuated from move to move. The number of missed points on both sides caused a lot of movement.

At the end of the game, Choi Myung-hoon 9th dan made a big mistake in the process of writing a fatal move, which caused Daema to stop breathing and avenged his defeat three years ago. The match ended with a 7-game victory in 301 moves, 3 hours and 8 minutes after the start.

The ‘hope quotient’ has risen significantly for the ladies’ team, who needed four straight wins from the top nine players to win the title. Waiting in the wings for the men’s team are Lee Chang-ho 9 dan and Cho Han-seung 9 dan.

Choi has been outplayed by Lee Chang-ho with two wins and three losses and Cho Han-seung with three wins and four losses. Choi is ranked 17th, Cho Han-seung is ranked 37th, and Lee Chang-ho is ranked 82nd. The Gentlemen’s team announced Lee Chang-ho as the next player in the series, which will be played on the evening of December 12.

“I don’t think everyone (teammates) told me before the tournament because they were afraid of being burdened, and I feel good about supporting them with my heart,” said Choi Jeong 9th dan. “At this point, I think my teammates will have expectations, but the remaining players are also too strong, so I will just let them relax.” 소닉카지노

In the Jiji Auction Ship, the winner of the gentlemen’s versus the ladies’ streak will take home 120 million won in prize money. So far, the men’s team has won seven times and the women’s team nine times.

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