Arizona, USA, is one of the favorite spring camp locations for professional baseball teams. It is farther than Japan and has to adapt to jet lag, but the warm weather and the environment where you can only focus on baseball are considered strengths. This year, as many as 6 out of 10 professional baseball teams set up campgrounds in Arizona. The LG Twins and Kiwoom Heroes started to warm up in Scottsdale, Hanwha Eagles in Mesa, NC Dinos and KIA Tigers, and KT Wiz in Tucson. However, variables are emerging one after another.

First of all, the weather is bad. In Tucson, where the reporter stayed for more than 10 days to cover the scene, it snowed so much that it was unbelievable that it was Arizona weather. In the early morning, the temperature dropped below freezing, and strong winds added, so the perceived temperature was below freezing. The weather was also very fickle. On the 22nd (Korean time), a practice match between the KIA Tigers and NC Dinos, which was scheduled to be held at the Tucson Keno Spoke Complex, was canceled due to rain. The weather, which had been fine all morning, turned dark about 30 minutes before the start of the game, and suddenly it started to rain. The clubs, which went to overseas camp for the first time in three years, suffered from unexpected weather variables. At the site, there was even a joke saying, “Namhae camp would be better with this weather.”

A bigger variable is cost. In June of last year, the won-dollar exchange rate exceeded 1,300 won for the first time in 13 years. As Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell mentioned the possibility of an economic recession in the United States, the dollar, one of the safe assets, has continued to strengthen for several months. On the 24th, the won-dollar exchange rate was 1304.8 won. As the won-dollar exchange rate was super strong, the club’s pockets were also in an emergency. Clubs that set up camps in the US usually stay for about a month. The cost of stay is estimated to be around 1 billion won. An official from one club said, “Compared to the previous camp, the cost seems to have risen by 40 to 50 percent.” During the two years when overseas camps were not held due to the spread of Corona, several catering companies were closed, so there are more things to pay attention to.

Before the start of the Arizona camp in the United States, a team official told an interesting story. He hinted, “If there is even one club that gives up on the US camp, I think there will be a club that will noticeably withdraw.” 바카라사이트 A long-awaited overseas camp. In a situation where the fans’ interest was high, a decision was needed to cancel the scheduled US camp schedule. This is because other clubs are doing it, but if they don’t do it, they can easily become the target of comparison. How satisfied are you with the American camp you left after much thought? To make things worse, KIA made an emergency landing at a nearby airport on the afternoon of the 24th (local time) when the plane departed from Tucson for Los Angeles (LA) due to bad weather. Due to this problem, the schedule for the second camp held in Okinawa, Japan was inevitably disrupted.

Some clubs have to decide whether to camp in the US next year. There are also clubs whose existing camp site contracts expire. The problem is the alternative. Okinawa, Japan, which is highly favored by players in many ways, is close to saturation. An official from a club reserved his words, saying, “I think we’ll have to discuss it at the club level when the camp schedule is over.”

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