“I have to go out to the King of Kings this year.”

It was the smile of Namyangju City manager Kim Myung-soo (37). Coach Kim, who led the J-Sun U-15 team until last season, changed its name to Namyangju City. From the name to the ointment, they changed everything. In March 2021, Director Kim, who directly founded the Jsun U-15 team, chose another significant change in December 2022. He said, “It was for a fresh start. It was a choice to meet the needs of players and parents and to train in a better environment and atmosphere.”

Players and parents who already had trust in coach Kim followed his wishes. Coach Kim worked hard to expand the infrastructure to manage the team. He not only trains on decent artificial turf in Bupyeong-ri, Namyangju, but also increases the coaching staff to six. There is even an athlete trainer (AT) who manages the physical condition of the players. It’s a scale rarely seen in a club team. Although it has been a little over a year since its founding, word of mouth is riding amid the satisfaction of parents. Only 14 freshmen came in this season. The total number of players in the team is 43. Considering that many clubs are having trouble sourcing players due to the ever-decreasing population, this is a huge feat.

It is also a step forward in terms of football.카지노사이트 Director Kim expressed satisfaction, saying, “It’s definitely cohesive.” Having been together for a year, Coach Kim’s build-up soccer is gaining strength little by little. Organizational stability is being sought, and results are being produced.

Namyangju City is everything in Kim’s soccer life. He entered the path of leadership early. Coach Kim, who is also the nephew of Daejeon Hana Citizen’s head coach Kim Hyun-tae, a former goalkeeper coach, announced his retirement at the age of 26 due to a knee injury. Four surgeries. There was no regret. He regretted not being able to play in the K-League, but his knee didn’t work anymore.

He immediately became a leader. He was appointed as the youngest coach at Guri Buyang Elementary School in 2012 at the recommendation of then head coach Jeong Jae-ho. As soon as I did it, I thought it was a ‘vocation’. Unlike his days as a player, who was frustrated with anxiety about his future, he was happy teaching his children. He thought nothing of it when he was with his children. He was only determined to make a good player.

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