Coach Kim Seung-gi of Goyang Carrot, a professional basketball team, announced that he had received a promise from the club’s leadership to resolve both the KBL special dues for advancing to the playoffs (PO) and the salaries of the overdue players.

Coach Kim met with reporters prior to the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball Regular League away game against Seoul SK at Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Seoul on the 22nd and said, “I was informed that the company would do something. I will pay the PO to go up somehow. , I told you that I would make sure there was no problem.”

He said, “The company says they are working hard, so we can believe and follow them. We promised to pay all the overdue salaries.” I guess I will,” he said.

Carrot, who is suffering from financial difficulties, raised concerns as it was revealed one after another that the recent situation had worsened.

It is unclear whether the remaining amount of 1 billion won can be paid by the end of this month, as player salaries were delayed consecutively from January to March, and the first special membership fee of 500 million won, equivalent to KBL subscription fee, was delayed in early October last year.

If this amount is not paid by the 31st of this month, KBL will not allow participation in the playoffs (PO) in the sixth round this season, and the basketball world is paying attention to whether or not to pay.

In the midst of this, the sponsorship contract was terminated the day before by mutual agreement with Carrot Insurance, which had been a naming sponsor before the opening, leaving controversy over the name.

The club announced that it would use the name ‘Goyang Day One Jumpers’, but KBL announced that it would have to use the name ‘Carrot’ for the time being as the name change must be approved by the board of directors according to regulations.

In response to a query about this, director Kim said, “I don’t even care. That’s something the company has to do.”

Coach Kim also explained the reason for not attending the interview before the Wonju DB game held at the Wonju Sports Complex in Gangwon-do on the 18th.

At the time, coach Sohn Kyu-wan met reporters in the away team’s locker room instead of coach Kim, and as questions about the club’s financial situation poured in throughout the season, some analyzed that coach Kim was exhausted.

In fact, coach Kim is in charge of the team, but he has been constantly asked about the club’s financial situation.

This is because coach Kim was the only member of the club who had official and regular contact with the reporters.

Whenever that happened, coach Kim responded with remarks that comforted the team, saying, “It’s a difficult situation, but the players are doing well.”

On this day, coach Kim said, “I didn’t try to avoid the interview at that time. I just met the national team in front of him, but I couldn’t enter the locker room because I was talking about bad things surrounding the company at the time.” ) It’s not that it didn’t go in,” he said.

Manager Kim, who faced off against the opponent excluding the key players who had not been in good shape in the last few games, said, “I did not point out anything to the players (playing) because the atmosphere (team) was not good.” said. 메이저놀이터

He continued, “In PO, our team becomes enough to make the opposing team say, ‘Wow, it was really hard.’

Coach Kim said, “We are best at 3 points after all,” and “next year it will be better.

He continued, “Anyway, I will play basketball so that the fans will like it more. I am always proud that there are more fans in Goyang.”

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