Doosan rookie catcher Yoon Jun-ho (23) is a highly talked-about player compared to the nominations (5th round, 49th). While he was a senior at Dong-Eui University, he made his name known to baseball fans by playing with retired legendary players in the JTBC entertainment program ‘Strongest Baseball’ last year. With his sad impression and outstanding skills, he was loved by senior legends and imprinted his presence. 

In particular, the reunion with director Lee Seung-yeop, who led the strongest Monsters, drew attention. After Yun Jun-ho was nominated by Doosan in the rookie draft last September, head coach Lee Seung-yeop was unexpectedly appointed as the Doosan command tower a month later. The relationship that started in the entertainment program led to actual professional baseball. 

Yoon Jun-ho, who is training with Doosan rookies at Bears Park in Icheon, said, “I can’t see the coach separately, but I greet him every time he comes to Icheon. It’s nice to see him, but it’s also unfamiliar,” he said, “I’m working hard to show you a good look.” 

Although it is a special relationship, the position of a coach who has to coldly evaluate and appoint players is different. 스포츠토토 It’s nice to see Yoon Jun-ho, but it can feel a little strange. Once in Icheon, when director Lee asked, “Are you doing well?”, Jun-ho Yoon replied, “I am working hard.” Then Director Lee said, “You don’t have to work hard. He also delivered a heavy message saying, “Do well.” 

The fact that the level of attention has increased as the strongest baseball is also positively accepted. Yoon Jun-ho said, “It is becoming a good catalyst for me. It is a strength as much as it receives a lot of attention and attention. I am careful with my actions and I am working harder. I can think of it as a burden, but I try to think positively.” 

The existence of Yang Eui-ji, the best catcher in the KBO League, who returned to Doosan as a free agent, is also a great strength for Yun Jun-ho at the starting line. He said, “I haven’t actually met him yet, but if you’re a catcher in Korea, you’re Yang Eui-ji. He said, “When my senior said he was coming to Doosan, he was happy to be alone inside,” he said. “He won several championships and has a lot of experience in international competitions. There are advantages to solving the game. I’m looking forward to learning a lot from the good seniors.” It is not long before the opportunity to be with Yang Eui-ji is likely to join the 1st team spring camp held in Australia next month. 

Born in Busan, Yoon Jun-ho grew up watching Lotte’s main catcher Kang Min-ho (Samsung). However, Yoon Jun-ho replied with a smile, “My role model was Yang Eui-ji from the beginning,” and said, “As catchers say, Yang Eui-ji is senior, I want to become a player who can become such a byword someday.” 

Yoon Jun-ho, who is good at blocking as a catcher and has excellent throwing ability, said, “There is an advantage on the defense side. The catcher’s defense is important. I will make good use of my strengths,” he said, “if I go up to the first team, I want to receive the ball from seniors Kwak Bin and Cheol-won Jung the most.”

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