DPL Kia has made the unprecedented decision to swap the head coaches of its first and second teams. 스포츠토토

The organization announced on its social media channels that Choi will take over as the head coach of the LCK Challengers League (LCK CL), its second division, and will be joined by Park Jun-hyung, the existing head coach of the second division, as the head coach of the LoL Champions Korea (LCK), its first division. The organization did not provide a reason for the move.

The team, which emerged as championship favorites after signing Kim “Kanna” Chang-dong and Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu, has underperformed throughout the year. In the regular season of the 2023 LCK Summer, the team is in fourth place with a 10-6 record. On the surface, this doesn’t look bad, but the team has been particularly weak against teams they are likely to face in the playoffs, including Genji, T1, and KT Rolster.

Diflagia had previously tried to shake things up in the middle of the month by calling up Yoon “Bible” Seol, known as the brain of the second team, to the first team. However, since the Guangdong Freecs match on April 28, the team has been sending back its main support, Kim “Kellin” Hyung-kyu. Since his return, the team has gone 1-1.

In the midst of this, Choi was sent to the second team and Park, who had been leading the second team, was given the responsibility of the first team. This marks the first time in eight months that Choi has stepped down as the head coach of the D.P.L.I.G.A. first team. Choi served as the so-called “Kang Dong-hoon Division” alongside Kang at Kingzone Dragon X (now DRX) and KT Rolster before taking over as head coach of D.P.K. at the end of last year.

His successor, Park, began his coaching career in earnest in 2020 and began coaching the following year. “When a player has a unique color, it also means that their strengths and weaknesses stand out,” he said in a past interview, adding that his coaching philosophy for the second team is to create players and teams that can play well in any banfic and meta.

Park is a former jungler himself. He rose to prominence in the amateur scene as a cerebral jungler who specialized in Jarvan IV. In 2016, he tried his hand at the LCK with CJ Entus, but was unable to establish himself and retired after a year.

This failure influenced his coaching philosophy. “I always think that I don’t want these players to experience the failures I went through,” Park told Kookmin Ilbo in late 2021, “I always ask myself if I’m giving them the right answers. I also try to listen to their opinions as much as possible.”

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