“I want to be remembered like a zombie”.

Chansung Jung (KOR) was submitted by UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway (USA), 32, at 3:23 of the third round in the main event of UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Korean Zombie at Singapore Indoor Stadium on Nov. 27 (KST).

The loss dropped Chung’s career record to 17-8.

After a brief exploratory period, Chung went on the offensive in the first round. Holloway responded by boldly throwing his punches. The two fighters exchanged punches, landing one with a minute and a half remaining.

In the second round, it was Holloway’s turn to control the distance with his signature kicks and punches, and 30 seconds into the round, he landed a powerful straight punch to the back of Chung’s ear. This sent Chung staggering to the ground, and Holloway went for a ground-and-pound choke. Holloway desperately defended against a barrage of strikes.

Holloway desperately spun around in the choke and managed to hold on. He managed to get out of the choke, but still staggered to his feet. Dodging a flurry of punches from Holloway, Chung somehow managed to hold on and finish the second round.

After a short break, Chung went on the offensive in the third round. After falling behind on points in the second round, Chung was aggressive in hopes of landing a knockout blow. Holloway, however, was more than willing to let him get away with it. Eventually, a precise counter landed on his face and he was knocked down. 소닉카지노

The referee declared Holloway the winner by knockout without a counter. As a result, Chung’s return to the cage after a year and four months ended in disappointment.

In his post-fight interview, Chung said, “I want to be a champion. I tried my best to beat Holloway from the bottom of my heart. I don’t have any regrets,” he said, adding, “But there comes a point when you go into a fight to become a champion and you can’t beat your rivals. I think I should quit.”

With the heartbreaking words, “I’m done,” Chung took off his gloves and gave a big bow to the fans. With his head down, he struggled to stand up, breaking the hearts of his fans. Finally, he stood up, clutching his face and sobbing as he said goodbye to the cage, signaling the end of the zombie fighter.

Holloway was the only one to appear for the official post-fight interview, as Chung went to the hospital with his injuries, and he paid a tribute to the great loser who came out of retirement with a mixture of respect and admiration. In an interview the day before, Chung had also expressed his sympathies to Holloway, who was struggling with the fires in his hometown of Hawaii. 소닉카지노

“To Zombie (Chung’s nickname), I have nothing but love and respect,” Holloway said, adding, “Zombie is someone who fights with a sword (offense), not a shield (defense). And he fought with a sword until the end,” he said, adding, “His attitude is why fans love him and why I admire him.” He continued, “I retired like a zombie.

“I want to retire and be remembered like a zombie, I don’t want to be remembered for records or numbers or anything like that,” he said, adding, “I want to be remembered like a zombie, I want to be remembered for inspiring people, I want to be someone’s hope.”

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