‘Fire Fist’ Kim Ji-yeon (33) lost all her victories after being deducted points for a ridiculous foul.

On the 14th (Korean time), Jiyeon Kim suffered a 1-2 technical decision loss to Mandy Böhm (33, Germany) in the women’s flyweight match at the UFC on ABC4, a mixed martial arts tournament held at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

As a result, Kim Ji-yeon suffered 5 consecutive losses on the UFC stage after a match decision loss with Alexa Grasso in 2020. Her career record was 9 wins, 7 losses and 2 draws in 18 matches. She has fought a total of 10 times in the UFC, with a record of 3 wins and 7 losses.

Even though she overpowered her opponent in this match, she suffered a loss by deducting two points for foul play.

Initially, Kim Ji-yeon and Bohn were scheduled to face each other in February of this year. However, after she weighed in the day before the match, she developed allergy symptoms and she withdrew from the match three hours before the match. She sharpened her knife, saying, “Let me die before you die,” enraged at the rudeness of Böhm, who had left for Germany. She even provoked her on social media, saying, “Don’t run away.”

Kim Ji-yeon drove Boehm with a powerful blow. She aimed for her counterattack by casting a submission technique on the ground, but Kim Ji-yeon counterattacked without much difficulty. She also built up her points in the second round as she landed several accurate punches. Following the first round, Kim Ji-yeon dominated the second round as well.

However, the problem arose after the second round was over. The buzzer sounded for the end of the second round in the ground battle. Kim Ji-yeon, who was lying on her floor, couldn’t control her emotions at the moment and pushed Boehm, who was trying to get up, with her foot.

The referee judged that Kim Ji-yeon intentionally made a foul attack after the round was over. Before the start of the 3rd round, Jiyeon Kim was deducted 1 point.

He was deducted one point, but Kim Ji-yeon didn’t seem to have a problem. In a situation where the 1st and 2nd rounds were overwhelmed, I was able to win by decision enough if I finished the 3rd round well.

However, Kim Ji-yeon blew that opportunity herself. Knee kicking Boehm in the face with one hand on the floor. In the UFC, it is a foul if an opponent kicks or knee kicks while his arm is on the floor.

Böhm was shocked and announced that he could no longer compete. Boos poured out from the stands. Fans thought that Böhm was acting to induce a foul win 바카라사이트.

At the end of the meeting, the judges judged that Kim Ji-yeon’s attack was not intentional. Instead of a disqualification, it was decided to make a ‘technical decision’ to score the game until 1 minute 55 seconds of the 3rd round when the game was stopped. Instead, 1 point was added to Kim Ji-yeon, who made a foul attack.

Boehm’s victory was declared 2-1 as a result of the decision. The two judges gave Boehm a higher score, 28-27. One judged Kim Ja-yeon to win 28-27, despite the 2-point deduction. It means that if there had not been two deductions, Kim Ji-yeon could have easily achieved a unanimous victory.

Kim Ji-yeon couldn’t hide her deep disappointment when her hand didn’t go up when her decision was announced.

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