He was a good shortstop in his own way. He has been a starting pitcher since freshman year. He was on defense. He is said to have excellent shoulders. Here, he even has a hit. He was considered a rare prospect on the high school stage.

However, from the second grade, it starts to fall behind. lost the position of shortstop. He had to return to second and third base. He is because of one freshman. It was the director’s evaluation of him at the time. “He had everything a shortstop needed, from range and ability to throwing and footwork.” (Director Kim Seong-yong of Yatapgo)

The senior who was pushed out was Kim Ha-seong. The junior who hit and came in is Park Hyo-joon. He was called a genius from the first grade. He hit .355/.500/.607 (bats/runs/games) in his three years of high school. His career OPS is 1.107. It’s even more amazing if you only look at it in 3rd grade. On .392/.558/.824, the OPS was a whopping 1.372.

The junior’s reputation spread 토토사이트 all over the country. He was also rated as one of the best high school shortstops of all time. Not only domestic. He is naturally interested in foreign countries. Rumors have already spread. It is rumored that he is coveted in the major leagues.

The related team (SK at the time) was in a state of abandonment. just as expected. An official announcement was made the following year. A splendid press conference was held at the Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul. The destination was New York. It was decided to go to the prestigious Yankees. The signing bonus was 1.16 million dollars (approximately 1.1 billion won at the exchange rate at the time). It was much higher than fellow shortstop Lee Hak-joo (2008 Cubs, $725,000).

On the other hand, Kim Ha-seong, who graduated a year ago, was different. He didn’t get much attention in the KBO draft either. It wasn’t until the second and third rounds that my name was called. His joining contract was 100 million won. It is less than 1/10 of his juniors.

Eight years have passed since then. Yatap High School became a San Diego resident. He is a full-fledged Padres starting member. He took his place after 2 years of joining. The last year he played full-time. He also performed brilliantly in the postseason. He was a fixture at shortstop. He was recognized for his excellent defensive skills. He was even nominated for a Gold Glove.

It does not stand up to fierce competition. 2nd and 3rd base multiplayer is possible. I’ve already had a history since high school. There are even rumors of a transfer to a big club. It is used as a valuable trading card. (Although he has a history of injuries) It is also being discussed as a replacement for Cy Young Award winner Chris Sale.

On the other hand, juniors’ winters are cold. We changed teams 3 times in a month. It is a DFA procedure that is difficult to name. It was subject to release waiting measures. It was continuously transferred from Pittsburgh → Boston → Atlanta. After all, the 27-year-old season has to start again at AAA.

There was an opportunity when riding a pirate ship. However, 210 at-bats in 68 games for two years is all. 201/.291/.346. He has no place of his own. He covered second base, third base, shortstop and outfield. Every game is like a test stage. It is an environment in which he cannot play properly.

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