Ahead of the new season, many middle and high school teams are in the midst of strengthening their strength through Stove League in each region.

The high school boys and girls are preparing for the new season by training with university teams in Gyeongnam Gyeongju and Jeju Island, while the girls’ high school boys and girls are preparing for the new season in Sacheon, Gyeongsangnam-do.

This season, with the first competition of the season scheduled in Haenam in March, in the jump ball, we met the players who are expected to be active in each school in the south high school this season.

The twentieth main character is Ahn Joo-hyeon (184cm, G) from Yeosu Hwayang High School.

Ahn Joo-hyun is a player with a bit of an unusual history, who first started playing basketball in Anyang, went to middle school in Seoul, and transferred to Yeosu. In his elementary school days, he was not guaranteed a stable playing time because he was overshadowed by his good teammates.

At least after he went to high school, he calmly polished his skills, and in the 2022 season, he showed growth as he gained experience by going back and forth between the best 5 and the sixth man.

In the 2022 season, Ahn Joo-hyun played 25 games. He played an average of 30.5 minutes per game and recorded 8.9 points, 1.3 rebounds and 1.7 assists. It is a general opinion that his performance was not bad because there was a player dedicated to scoring the team.

Of course, it is pointed out that he should have been more active in attack, but he added great strength to the team in defense.

Hwayang High School coach Sim Sang-moon, who is instructing him, said, “First of all, he is the best player in our team in terms of defensive ability, enough to trust the opponent’s ace. He has the ability to pitch to the point of being able to do it. The appearance he showed in the 2022 season was generally better than expected,” he said, evaluating Ahn Joo-hyun’s performance last season.

Coach Shim continued, “I am the captain of the team this season, and I am leading it well with a sense of responsibility. 바카라사이트 It is true that I am still lacking in power as I am a year younger than my classmates, but I am the only player on our team who has played basketball since elementary school. I would like to say that he is a player who is suitable as a team leader, from ball handling ability to game management ability.”

Ahn Joo-hyun, who finished the first winter training centered on physical strength, said, “I did a lot of training focused on team play. He did not hide his anticipation for the new season.

Also, he smiled shyly, saying, “As the captain, he shouts ‘Go Go’ on the court and tries to help the team, but he still doesn’t seem to be doing as well as he thought.”

Depending on how much Ahn Joo-hyun, who was only an assistant last season, shows how much he has grown in the 2023 season, it will have a big impact on the team performance of Yeosu Hwayang High School.

Regarding this, Ahn Joo-hyun said, “I want to become a player like Jeon Seong-hyun (Goyang Carrot), who can score at important moments. I will do my best to make it possible,” Ahn Joo-hyun said, strengthening his determination to face the season.

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