KT Wiz Wes Benjamin (30) fell into extreme sluggishness.

Benjamin, who celebrated his second year in the KBO League this year, showed a good pace from the demonstration game and raised great expectations. His exhibition game performance was good with 1 win in 3 games (11 innings) and an earned run average of 1.64. The good flow continued in his first appearance in the regular season. Benjamin, who started as a starter in the opening game, became the winning pitcher with 2 hits, 4 strikeouts and 1 run in 6 innings against LG.

온라인카지노 However, Benjamin began to collapse like a lie after starting the opening game. He seems to be struggling greatly with 17 runs in 21⅓ innings over the last 4 games. The season record is 5 games (27⅓ innings), 2 wins, 2 losses, an average ERA of 5.60.

Despite Benjamin’s sluggish performance, manager Lee Kang-cheol did not lose faith, saying, “I’m not a pitcher that will collapse like that.” Director Lee Kang-cheol pointed out, “After talking about it, it seems that I tried to raise the speed too quickly.” He pointed out the cause of Benjamin’s sluggishness, saying, “Looking at him throwing a curveball or slider, his right shoulder also collapsed early and his control was shaken.”

Coach Lee Kang-cheol, who said he really liked Benjamin from the spring camp period, said, “Before the season started, the pace was really good. But at least once my condition went down and I had to go up again, but my pace didn’t drop. It is common for pitchers to drop in the middle once in camp and then rise according to the season. And I thought it would be okay until the opening game was good, but the pace fell at the most important moment.” “It would be better to fall early in the season. He is not a pitcher who will collapse like this, so I think he will rise again if he balances it.”

Director Lee Kang-cheol said, “I have to forget all the pitching so far anyway.” I’m not a pitcher that’s going to collapse like that, but it seems like it keeps going wrong because one goes wrong. We talked a lot with each other, so I believe we will prepare well for the next game.”

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