Additional players joined the ‘2023 KOVO Men’s Foreign Player Tryout’ in progress in Turkey, Istanbul.

Between the previous evening and this day, Arpad Barrotti (Hungary, 32 years old, OP), Kristan Lawrence (Puerto Rico, 20 years old, OP), Brandon Lettray (USA, 26 years old, OP), Joao Nolletto (USA) Brazil, 23 years old, OH) newly joined, and a total of 32 players wait for the club’s selection in the draft held at 10:00 pm (Korean time).

Meanwhile, José Masso (Cuba, 26 years old, OP), who attracted interest from several clubs, gave a final notice of absence from the event due to the schedule of his current team 메이저놀이터.

Photo = Courtesy of KOVO
KOVO said, “Masso did not participate in the first and second days of the practice game held from the 6th to the 7th, and was scheduled to participate in the practice game and the draft on the 8th. said.

In addition, prior to the draft, the 7 men’s clubs will notify the federation whether or not to renew the contract with foreign players who have been with them for the 2022-23 season by 7:00 pm (Korean time) today.

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