Jeonju KCC Egis lost 92-98 to the Seoul SK Knights in the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Pro Basketball Round of 6 playoff second leg held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 5th.

KCC’s Laguna scored 28 points in the first leg of the semifinals, but couldn’t laugh at the team’s defeat. He did not give up easily even after winning a lot, but it was not enough to close the gap. 온라인바카라

KCC’s first priority in the second game after being surrounded by multiple players was to defend against Jamil Warney. Warney, who received the foreign player MVP for two consecutive years, harassed KCC with 26 points and 12 rebounds in the first game. Coach Jeon Chang-jin admitted in an interview before the game, “In the first game, the cooperative defense against Jamil Warney failed.”

KCC’s choice, which changed the direction, was for Laguna to block Warney as much as possible 1:1. If Laguna succeeded in defending Warney, the burden on other players could be greatly reduced. This creates the conditions for the saved energy to be used in an attack.

Laguna showed enthusiasm. He told manager Jeon Chang-jin that he could stop Warney one-on-one, and asked him to trust him, and he kept his promise. Warney scored 20 points in the second game, but was greatly shaken with a field goal success rate of 30.4% (7/23). Looking at the performances of the two players, it was a decision victory for Laguna (16 points and 14 rebounds).

Before the game, the former coach said, “Laguna and Lee Seung-hyun are showing strong will. I plan to leave it to Laguna one-on-one today in the area where Jamil Warney failed to defend. Laguna wanted that and showed confidence.” .

From the first quarter, Lagunah burned his fighting spirit. Laguna, who scored the first goal in the game, succeeded in overpowering Warney without losing strength. Warney, who struggled with Laguna, missed all four shots he attempted in the first quarter.

KCC, which blocked Warney, the number one object to be alerted, showed a livelier performance than the first game. The game continued to flow into a close match, and Warney, who averaged over 24 points, was blocked by Laguna and tied for 2 points in the first half. It was an exceptional slump.

Raguna, who received momentum, exerted her strength in the attack as well. He contributed to the team’s upward trend by succeeding in scoring in the third quarter after a break. On the other hand, Warney did not show much performance in the third quarter and did not show his usual power.

When Laguna succeeded in blocking Warney, the KCC team members also cheered up. Heo Woong led the attack in the first half, and Kim Ji-wan clearly took the lead in the second half. Lee Seung-hyun showed off his airborne presence and energized the team. Excited, La Gun-ah even showed off a hot block shot against Bu-kyung Choi and activated the iron wall mode.

Ragun, who built up his pride by sealing off Warnie, who seemed unstoppable. But he couldn’t laugh at the end. KCC, which had a blast in the 3rd quarter, fell rapidly in the 4th quarter and was unable to keep a large score gap. The match eventually went to overtime.

Laguna, who had endured well, committed the fifth foul at the beginning of extra time and retired to the bench. KCC lost the momentum to move forward and lost the victory after a bloody battle.

Although defeated, the command tower gave applause to Laguna, who burned her fighting spirit despite the difficult conditions. Coach Jeon Chang-jin, who praised the players after the game, praised La Gun-ah, saying, “He did a really good job.

KCC returns to Jeonju with 2 losses. It’s a reverse sweep that never came out in the round of 6, but the possibility hasn’t completely disappeared until the end. Although they lost the second game, it is encouraging that their performance has improved dramatically compared to the lethargic first game. First of all, it is important to catch the third game by gaining the energy of the home fans.

Even in the 3rd match, there is a high possibility that Laguna will take on a heavy role. Can Laguna, who fed Warney properly, continue her good performance? The third game between the two teams will be held on the 7th at Jeonju Gymnasium.

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