Players belonging to the St. Louis Cardinals will compete against Japan and Korea at the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC). Following Korean infielder Tommy Edman (28), Japanese outfielder Lars Nuthba (26) also made it to the final list. 

According to Japanese media such as ‘Daily Sports’, Hideki Kuriyama, coach of the Japanese national team at the WBC, made Nutba’s entry into the final entry official. Director Kuriyama said, “I met Nutba several times online, 바카라 and he gladly decided to participate.” 

“Winning is the most important thing,” Kuriyama said. Nutba can hit home runs and has good speed. He is a well-balanced player who can energize the team. He has a good personality. He has a personality that is loved by everyone.” 

In the WBC, players can choose their nationality to compete not only according to their nationality, but also according to their parents or grandparents’ lineage and place of birth. Born to an American father and a Japanese mother, Nutba is the second generation of Japanese descent. It is the first time that Japan has selected a mixed-race player for the national team. 

Right-handed and left-handed outfielder Nutba made his major league debut in 2021. In 108 games last year, he had a batting average of 2.2, 8 runs, 66 hits, 14 home runs, and 40 RBIs with an OPS of .788. Although he has a low batting average, he has a good introductory eye and excellent slugging power. The defense can cover all positions in the outfield. 

As Nutba’s joining the Japanese national team was confirmed, a big match between Korea and Japan between St. Louis players took place. Prior to Nutba, infielder Edmon was included in the 30-man roster for the WBC Korean national team announced on the 4th. It is also the first time that a Korean-American player has been selected for the Korean national team. 

Mixed-race big leaguers who play on the same team go to Korea and Japan for their mother’s country. The Korea-Japan match itself is a big match, but it became even more interesting as a match with the pride of the two major leaguers. Korea and Japan, 바카라 who are in the same Group B, will face off in the first round at the Tokyo Dome on March 10th. 

Edmon’s major league career is better than Nutba’s. After debuting in St. Louis in 2019 as a switch hitter infielder, he recorded an OPS of .732 in 459 games for four years, batting average of 2.69, 471 hits, 40 homers, 175 RBIs and 79 steals. His outstanding defense is a strength enough to receive the Gold Glove for the 2021 National League second baseman category. Along with shortstop Kim Ha-seong (San Diego), he is expected to form a special keystone combination in the WBC.

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