The pieces are in place. The Lotte Giants are in the mood to dominate the All-Star Game. The All-Star Game may become the Lotte Star Game.

The KBO announced the best 12 candidates for the All-Star Game for each of the 10 clubs and the plan for selecting the All-Stars on the 1st. Among the “Best 12,” pitchers will be selected in three categories: starting, middle, and closing. Catchers, designated hitters, first basemen, second basemen, third basemen, and shortstops will be selected one each, and three outfielders will be selected.

Lotte is part of the Dream All-Stars alongside SSG, KT, Samsung, and Doosan. Pitchers Park Se-woong (starting), Koo Seung-min (middle) and Kim Won-joong (closer) are nominated, while Yoo Kang-nam (catcher), Ko Seung-min (first base), Ahn Chi-hong (second base), Han Dong-hee (third base), Noh Jin-hyuk (shortstop), Hwang Sung-bin (left field), Kim Min-seok (center field), Rex (right field) and Jeon Jun-woo (designated hitter) are nominated for the Best 12.

Lotte has been a powerhouse in event sports, especially the All-Star Game. Since 1982, the first year of the KBO League, Lotte has won the MVP of the All-Star Game, Mr. All-Star, 15 times. In particular, Lotte players won the title for five consecutive years from 2004 to 2008. The most recent All-Star Game MVP for Lotte was Kang Min-ho (now with Samsung) in 2015.

As you can see, Deh has a lot of memories associated with the All-Star Game. He has also swept the fan-voted All-Star Game roster on numerous occasions. When Lotte left the dark days of 8888577 behind and made the leap to the top with Jerry Royster as manager in 2008, the fans showed their love for the team. In 2008, they showed their popularity by dominating the top 10 spots in the Donggun All-Star Game. In the 2012 All-Star Game, the entire East District All-Star team was made up of Lotte players 먹튀검증.

All-Star voting is essentially a popularity contest. The voting firepower of Lotte fans naturally heats up when they perform well. This year, with Lotte sitting in third place in the All-Star voting, it’s no surprise that their fans are firing on all cylinders. Na Gyun-ahn, who won the KBO League MVP award in April, trailed NC Eric Peddie on paper and was down 17-11 in the journalists’ poll, but he turned that around with 154,139 votes in the fan poll. Pedi only received 48,106 fan votes at the time. In the end, Na Kyun-ahn had a total score of 38.62, while Pedi had 35.45.

However, while 100% of the fan vote was taken into consideration at the time, since 2014, 70% of the fan vote and 30% of the player vote have been taken into consideration, making it difficult to see a monopoly on the All-Star Game like in the past. However, it is still possible to see Lotte players making up the majority of the All-Star Game’s Best 12.

In addition, the All-Star Game will be held at Sajik Stadium for the first time in 16 years since 2007, so it’s not unreasonable to expect the fan support to be commensurate.

On July 15, the fan vote for the All-Star Game at Sajik Stadium will be held for 21 days from July 5 to 25. Fans can vote through the Shinhan Sol app, operated by Shinhan Bank, as well as the KBO website and the official KBO app. The final Best 12 will be selected based on a combination of 70 percent of the fan votes cast over the three-week period and 30 percent of the votes cast by KBO players themselves.

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