Lee Kang-in (21, Mallorca) may build a new nest this summer. He is being linked with a Premier League team in Europe.

Spanish media ‘Grada 3’ said on the 4th (Korean time), “Lee Kang-in is likely to say goodbye to Mallorca. Premier League teams are tracking Lee Kang-in this summer. According to reports, Aston Villa, Newcastle United, Fulham, Brighton is the strongest.”

European transfer market expert ‘Fabrigio Romano’ predicted goodbye to Mallorca. He said, “Lee Kang-in is planning to say goodbye to Mallorca this summer. Premier League teams are watching Lee Kang-in, who has a high possibility of transferring. It is a good opportunity to take on a new challenge in England because it can give Mallorca a lot of money and profits.”

Lee Kang-in joined Mallorca in the summer of 2021. He grew up in Valencia’s youth team and made it to the first team stage, but he rarely got a chance. Valencia’s high-ranking officials wanted to raise Lee Kang-in as the team’s future, but the atmosphere on the field was not.

In Mallorca, he increased his playing time and took the Primera Liga stage in earnest. He was gradually adapting to the team, but he could not play the second half perfectly due to the novel coronavirus.

After his incisive referee, he made up for his lack of defensive participation and stamina. Under coach Javier Aguirre, he has grown into the core of the core. His sharp left foot and ability to coordinate attacks were more refined, and he was selected as the Primera Liga Player of the Month and Team of the Week.

I was connected to a big team with a big success. Atletico Madrid and the Premier League team paid attention to Lee Kang-in. In January, when Lee Kang-in ‘unfollowed’ Mallorca, transfer rumors grew. Managers Mallorca and Aguirre did not send Lee Kang-in, insisting on the buyout amount.

It is expected that Lee Kang-in’s transfer will not be prevented this summer. It seems that the Premier League team will send quite a lot of love calls to Lee Kang-in. Manager Aguirre insisted that Lee Kang-in’s buyout be 30 million euros (about 41 billion won), which is not a big amount for a Premier League team. 스포츠토토

The UK also sees Lee Kang-in’s potential as high. ‘The Boot Room’ said of the move to Newcastle United, “He is a player with amazing skills. He has great potential. He is a creative left-footed midfielder that reminds me of David Silva. He already has the ability to play for a big club.” Recommended.

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