Lee “Rich” Jae-won signed a new contract with Ninjas in Pajamas and will be active in the LPL next season as well. 안전놀이터

Ninjas in Pajamas announced their 2023 roster through their official SNS account on the 10th. Lee Jae-won, who had previously announced the termination of his contract with the team, was re-included on the roster and made his contract renewal official. In addition to this, Lee “Duke” Ho-seong, who also experienced winning the world championship (Worlds) as a player in T1, takes over as team manager and begins his leadership career.

Prior to becoming a League of Legends pro gamer, Jaewon Lee stood at the peak as a pro gamer for Heroes of the Storm. However, after the league was abolished, he could not continue his career.

In the same year, in 2019, he joined Gen.G Esports and started his career as a League of Legends pro gamer. The following year, he changed his position to the top and moved the team to Nongshim Red Force, and after two years of active work, he moved to the current team (V5 at the time) and was evaluated as the top of the league with a good appearance.

Hoseong Lee turned to League of Legends after playing StarCraft progamer, and built his career by playing for prominent teams such as kt Rolster, Najin eMPIRE, SK Telecom T1, and Invictus Gaming (IG). He took on the leadership role for the first time as he took over as manager this time after his player retirement in 2019. 안전놀이터

Meanwhile, Ninjas in Pajamas, who changed their team name in V5 and welcomed the 2023 season, will play their first game of the season against Ultra Prime on the 15th.

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