The entrance fee to the Los Angeles Lakers home Arena is skyrocketing. Lebron James broke the record for most points in NBA history. Ticket prices are soaring as fans want to participate in the historical scene.
According to StubHub, a ticket seller, the Oklahoma City Thunder game on the 8th (Korean time) was up 50% higher than usual, and the Milwaukee Bucks game on the 10th was up more than 70%. The ticket, which was $474 last October, has now jumped to $1614. Courtside’s highest price is 40,000 dollars (50.32 million won). A seat with a good view sells for around $10,000 (12.56 million won).

Lebron’s record-breaking day tickets are more expensive than Super Bowl tickets to be held on the 13th at Glendale State Farm Stadium in Arizona. As of the 7th, the match between Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chips is being sold for around 6,000 dollars (7.54 million won). The Super Bowl is one of the hardest tickets to get for an American sporting event. Lakers fans who want to see Lebron’s record are said to have paid up to $92,000 (115.73 million won).

Lebron scored 27 points against the New Orleans Pelicans on the 5th, leaving a minus 36 points behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s 38,387 points, the most in the NBA. 카지노사이트 With LeBron’s record challenge, the ticket price is also rising. According to StopHub, the Lakers sold more tickets last week than the New York Knicks, Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics. The Lakers are in 13th place in the Western Conference with 25 wins and 29 losses.

A StopHub spokesperson said: “Anticipation of a sports icon achieving a historic milestone dramatically increases ticket sales. Fans say, ‘I was there when’.”

According to Ticketmaster, another ticket sales agent, the OKC Thunder game on the 7th starts at $423.50 (530,000 won), and the Milwaukee Bucks game starts at $756.25 (950,000 won). Before the Lakers game, an outside broadcaster from the Arena told them to refrain from using scalping tickets. Because there are many fake tickets. If you scan the ticket at the entrance, it often turns out to be a fake ticket.

The Lakers played a long-term away game after the 63rd Grammy Awards ceremony was held at the Arena after the San Antonio Spurs game on the 27th of last month, and the Thunder game on the 8th was their first home game in 12 days. Currently, LeBron’s record-breaking match against the Milwaukee Bucks is likely. This year, LeBron has scored 36 or more points per game nine times.

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