The LG Twins are suffering from injury.

Even before the start of the season, closer Ko Woo-seok, Lee Jae-won and Son Ho-young were injured, and shortstop Oh Ji-hwan was also injured at the beginning of the season. 스포츠토토

Now, even the selection and bullpen resources have been listed as those who left. A crisis came to the depth that seemed thick due to the continuous injury relay.

LG pitchers Lee Min-ho and Baek Seung-hyun were canceled from the first team entry on the 10th.

Lee Min-ho is the central axis of LG’s native selection. On the 5th, against the Gocheok Kiwoom Heroes, he climbed the starting mound for the first time in the season and pitched 5.1 innings, 5 hits, 1 strikeout, 2 walks and 2 runs (visa book).

He had a good start, so there was anticipation for the next appearance. He was scheduled to start on the 11th.

However, on the 9th, while pitching to the bullpen, discomfort developed in the elbow of his right arm.

The LG club said, “As a result of Lee Min-ho’s MRI examination and treatment, it was diagnosed that he needed to take a pitching break for three weeks due to damage to the flexor muscle in his right elbow.”

LG, who suffered a sudden absence from the start, hurriedly replaced the starting pitcher for the game on the 11th with rookie Park Myeong-geun.

It is Park Myung-geun who has a reputation for fast slide steps. He is also evaluated as having a good pitch. However, the sense of weight that Lee Min-ho has is inevitably lacking.

Not only Lee Min-ho, but Baek Seung-hyun was also canceled. Baek Seung-hyun is shoulder pain.

He pitched in relief in three games this season and was fighting well with a one-hold ERA of ‘0’ and three strikeouts. Baek Seung-hyun is scheduled to visit the hospital on the 11th due to pain in his right shoulder.

LG is doing well, coming in 2nd place with 6 wins and 2 losses, even in the midst of injuries. However, the fact that the injured evil spirits continue can be said to be an unsettling factor. I cannot guarantee how long I will be able to hold out.

At least, the news that Ko Woo-seok will return before the series this weekend can be comforting.

Meanwhile, in addition to LG, Kiwoom Heroes canceled outfielder Kim Jun-wan from the first team entry. Kim Jun-wan played in 6 games this season and was recording a batting average of 0.250.

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