Yang Hong-seok reunited with Lee Jae-do, who he played with briefly at Busan KT (now Suwon KT), and his best friend Lee Chang-hak, who was his classmate at Chung-Ang University, at Changwon LG.

Yang Hong-seok became a free agent in May and chose to join the Changwon LG, who offered him 750 million won ($525 million in salary and $225 million in incentives). Yang’s salary for the 2023-2024 season is tied for third on the list with Oh Se-geun.

LG, which reached the fourth-place playoffs last season, began team training on the 19th of last month. Yang Hong-seok traveled to Changwon in advance to find a place to live, get in shape, and prepare for team training.

The move to LG reunited Yang Hong-seok with two familiar faces. The first was Lee Jae-do, who he had worked with briefly at KT.

After joining KT, Yang played with Lee for six games. However, their relationship was cut short when Jae-do was traded to Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation.

When asked about his brief time with Jae-do at KT, Yang said, “We were together for about two weeks. It’s not that I don’t remember, but I didn’t know him then (what kind of player he was). I came here and talked about it. My first roommate as a pro was Jae-do. I have such a memory.”

“We were together for a very short time. We were roommates in Busan as soon as (Yang) Hong-seok came in as a rookie. He was 21 or 22 at the time. I was in my third year as a pro, and I think I was kind of like an older brother to him, but then he left (KT) after a while,” he laughed, adding, “When we met again (at LG), we talked about how we had a connection back then, but there were more days and games where we met as enemies than friends. Now he’s a higher-paid player than me. Lee Kwan-hee told me that here, if you have a lot of money (salary), you are an elder brother. He said, “I have to take care of him, especially Hong Seok-yi.

Yang Hong-seok is a teammate of Jungang University manager Lee Chang-hak. Lee, who played until his freshman year at Chung-Ang University, has been LG’s manager since last season.

“I’ve been going to national tournaments with him since middle school,” said Yang Hong-seok. We played a lot of practice games in high school, and we met in college and became close. After I turned pro early in college, he stopped playing, but we stayed in touch every day for five years. His parents took good care of him. “We got along really well, and he’s loyal. He also served in the military in the Marines. Not just any Marines, but the top 1 percent of the Marine Corps. It’s good to see him (at LG) again. We have to be careful with each other because we have to distinguish between business and pleasure,” said Lee about being on the same team as Lee Chang-hak.

“I never imagined that I would meet him (Yang) at the same workplace after I stopped playing basketball in college. Last year, I was just happy to see him on the court, but now that we’re on the same team, I’m a little more worried. I’m not a player, so I have to separate my work from my play,” he said, adding, “He’s the best friend I’ve ever had, and since we’re in Changwon together, we have fun eating outside of sports 메이저사이트추천.”

“I knew him because we played a lot of practice games in high school, and in college we played sports together. I trained every day with his brother Kim Kook-chan of Hyundai Mobis, and we talked well,” he said, adding, “I stopped playing sports, and we went to play together during the offseason vacation of my first year as a pro, and we’ve stayed close ever since.”

Adding weight to LG’s forward lineup, Yang has found it easy to adjust to seeing his old teammates at LG.

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