This season’s first Korea tour held in Seoul, the distance from Iksan to Seoul was no obstacle to their passion for basketball.

The first round of the KBA 3×3 KOREA TOUR 2023 Seoul Tournament ended successfully on the 16th at the plaza in front of Seoul Newspaper (Seoul Madang).

Among the teams participating in the men’s open division, there was a team that made it to the finals by visiting Seoul from afar with a passion for basketball. The main character is Ais Iksan. Ait Iksan made it to the finals by passing the preliminaries in his first Korea Tour participation, but unfortunately was eliminated in the quarterfinals. 토스카지노

Moon Seung-bae (33, 183cm), captain of Ait Iksan, said, “First of all, I am very grateful to the Korea Basketball Association for opening the Korea Tour, the Iksan City Basketball Association for helping me participate, and the Ait representatives. This is the first time we participated in a Korea tour under the name Ait Iksan. I go and have a really good experience. I fell in the quarterfinals, but I think I am learning what I lacked in my first participation and what I need to fill in.”

It would not be easy to form a team from the provinces and come all the way to Seoul to participate in the competition. Nevertheless, their passion for basketball led them to Seoul. When asked about his impressions of participating in the Korea Tour for the first time, Moon Seung-bae said, “When I faced teams based in Seoul, there were differences in the technical and physical aspects. Still, we also have a professional team in Jeonju, and I want to fill in the missing points and catch the Seoul team next time.”

Aitiksan is a team founded with the goal of participating in the league beyond the open division. This kind of experience will be a good nourishment to climb higher in the future. Also, their passion for basketball is as good as any other team. Moon Seung-bae also laughed, saying, “As far as my passion for basketball is, other teams will never let me down.”

The Iksan City Basketball Association is also providing generous support to the passion of these players. Iksan City will succeed in attracting a Korea Tour next year, and plans to hold a Korea Tour in the home. An official from the Iksan City Basketball Association said, “This is our first tournament. I will also participate in the next Inje competition. Of course, there are poor sides, but with the enthusiasm of the players, we are preparing for it.”

“I think I got a satisfactory result at this level in my first competition. We are not a team founded after one or two competitions. We will not be satisfied with this and will continue to move forward,” revealing a strong passion for 3×3.

Associations and players united in basketball. Their love for basketball enriches the Korea Tour.

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