“I tried on the uniform at home by myself.” 토토

Park Dong-won (33 LG Twins) is preparing for a new start with excitement.

At the end of November last year, Park Dong-won signed a free agent (FA) contract with LG for a contract period of 4 years and a total of 6.5 billion won (down payment of 2 billion won, total annual salary of 4.5 billion won).

Park Dong-won, who was nominated by the Heroes in 2009 and jumped into the professional league, was traded to the KIA Tigers during last season and then made a new nest in LG as a free agent.

Park Dong-won, who we met at Jamsil Stadium on the 4th, said, “I’m excited. I want to go to spring camp soon and wear a uniform and exercise with the players.”

Then, he laughed, saying, “I received the uniform a few days after signing the contract and tried it on at home alone. I also took pictures. I have the excitement of wanting to wear this uniform and go to the ground as soon as possible.”

Wearing a glossy jumper, 토토 the symbol of LG, he attended the New Year’s celebration held that day, and announced the beginning of a full-fledged ‘LG man’. Park Dong-won said, “The previous teams each wore what they wanted to wear, but here they wore shiny jumpers as a rule.

Park Dong-won moved the team twice in one year. At KIA, which I joined during the season, I have many regretful memories.

Park Dong-won expressed regret, saying, “I’m sorry for the KIA pitchers. “I was lacking, and I regretted that time. At the end of the year, when my juniors contacted me, they said they were very sorry,” he confessed.

LG, who joined during the off-season, secured time to match the sum with new pitchers. My goal in this spring camp is to receive a lot of balls from pitchers.

Park Dong-won said, “I try to quickly figure out the strengths and weaknesses of the players during the spring camp. I will be able to prepare better.”

I recently met Yoo Kang-nam (Lotte Giants), who was in charge of the LG homeroom until last year, at a place where he recently worked out and listened to his advice.

Park Dong-won said, “Gangnam told LG pitchers, ‘They are really good pitchers, and honestly, it was very comfortable. I’m going to get his contact information and ask him.” He smiled.

At the end of last year, I met with director Yeom Gyeong-yeop, who took the LG baton, after going round and round. Manager Yeom and Park Dong-won were together as a command tower and players during the Nexen (currently Kiwoom) days.

“The director only told me to prepare well. I guess you know the director’s tendencies well,” he emphasized.

Director Yeom also gave a ‘tip’ to unfamiliar LG players, saying, “Do not think of cheating and be honest.”

“You’re a meticulous person, so you shouldn’t think of cheating. After I was discharged from the military at Nexen, I should have done a little more night exercise before going up, but the coach came through another door. I don’t know when or how he’ll show up. “he explained.

LG is a team whose goal is to win. He is not hiding his will to reach the top. Park Dong-won also wants to achieve the team’s will.

Park Dong-won aimed straight at the top this season, saying, “I have never won a championship while playing baseball. I hope my first championship will be the LG Twins’ first championship in 29 years.” He continued, “I hope I win a lot in the games I played in. I think my stake will be in that victory. I want to win a lot,” he said with strength.