That was already 19 years ago. 2004. War clouds hang over eastern AL. It is a rebellion against the Yankees dynasty. The Red Sox of close grudge are in consultation. The 29-year-old GM sharpens the knife. It’s Theo Epstein.

end of July. The trade deadline is right around the corner. He is busy with organizing the signboard players. The team can survive only when Norma Garciaparra is let go. But the dill keeps going wrong. This trick, that trick. Eventually, a brilliant idea flashed. It was a 4-way trade.

But it’s easy to say. 4 teams must agree. How complicated must it have been? It is a series of warlike meetings and discussions. In the meantime This opinion came out of nowhere from the scouting team. “It would be nice to have a fast runner.” hit. I have to go over the Yankees anyway. It was the heyday of Mariano Rivera. When he comes out there is no hope. His only weakness is his pitching motion. Steal the slow setup motion.

“Hey, give me a list.” Epstein’s instructions. It means to select the target audience. An intern nearby brings the list. The name at the top is clear. It was Dave Roberts (now manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers). He called the Dodgers on the spot. The answer was “OK”. The general manager and the intern exchanged high fives. (Since then, the intern has been on a roll. He is now New York Mets GM Jack Scott.)

Fall a few months later. It happened. The red socks were driven to three straight losses (against the ALCS Yankees). The 4th game was also trailing 3-4 until the 9th inning. As expected, Rivera came out. Then, he writes a large runner at first base. Dave Roberts from the Dodgers. He stole second base and tied the game on the follow-up hit. It was a blown save to Rivera.

The Red Sox, who had revived as a knight, defeated the Yankees with a reverse sweep. And won the World Series. The curse of the 86-year-old Bambino has been lifted. Roberts’ stolen base on this day is ‘The Steal’ that will go down in history.

Thirty members of the WBC national team were selected. They were divided into 15 pitchers and 15 fielders. Two of the position players stand out. They are Park Hae-min and Kim Hye-seong.

Their chances of starting are low. First of all, the starting lineup is predictable. In the infield, Park Byeong-ho (Choi Ji-man), Tommy Edman, Choi Jeong, and Kim Ha-seong are the most influential. The outfield also seems to be Kim Hyeon-soo, Lee Jeong-hu, and Na Seong-beom. Then the rest is a backup. In the latter half of the game, he stands by as a major defense or counter-running agent.

In this respect, Park Hae-min and Kim Hye-seong are both Anseong-machi. Because it is a resource with three beats. Kim Hye-seong can play second base and shortstop. Park Hae-min also covers the entire outfield. He also has experience as a first baseman. Also good hitting accuracy. He’s not easily beaten, and his bunt options are varied. They are hitters who can use flexible tactics. 메이저사이트

In particular, in short-term matches, the impact of large runners is greater. can change the flow. Threatening runners affect ball distribution. Opponents are reluctant to use large-angled breaking balls. Not just a catcher. There are many things to take care of in the infield as well. Defensive range is limited. Last season, Kim Hye-seong recorded 34 stolen bases (2nd place) and 7 failures (82.9%). Park Hae-min had 24 stolen bases (5th) and 6 losses (80.0%).

There are also memories of the Tokyo Olympics (August 2021). Dominica and Knockout Stage 1 round reverse electrode. By the beginning of the ninth inning, the score was 1-3. However, in the last attack, I scored 3 points. Park Hae-min, Lee Jung-hoo, and Kim Hyun-soo hit the right time in turn.

The start of the dramatic flip was the bench members. Choi Joo-hwan opened up an opportunity as a substitute. Next, runner Kim Hye-seong succeeded in stealing second base. The atmosphere gradually becomes less serious. The opponent was shaken, and our momentum rose. Hidden cards are important in such a big match.

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