“My dream is you, Tottenham.”

Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City has been called “the greatest club of all time”. They’ve finished at the top of the Premier League five times in the last six seasons, but Guardiola’s next dream is Tottenham Hotspur. What does this mean?

The Sun, a British media outlet, published a report on May 25 (KST) titled, “Man City manager Guardiola has revealed his goal for next season. His target is Tottenham Hotspur”.

The Sun explained, “Guardiola joked that if City achieve the treble, his next challenge will be to finally win away from home against Tottenham.

Guardiola said: “It’s to score a goal against Tottenham away from home. I want to beat Tottenham away from home,” Guardiola said.

The last time City scored a goal away from home against Tottenham was in 2018. Tottenham Hotspur Stadium was City’s graveyard.

In the first leg of the 2019 Champions League quarterfinals, Tottenham won 1-0 thanks to a Son Heung-min goal. In February 2020, they won 2-0 in the Premier League with back-to-back goals from Vervein and Son Heung-min. In November 2020, Tottenham won 2-0 in the Premier League with goals from Heung-min Son and Rossello.

In August 2021, a goal from Son Heung-min gave Tottenham a 1-0 win in the Premier League. In February of this year, Tottenham defeated Man City 1-0 thanks to a Harry Kane goal.

In the last four years, City have lost five games against Tottenham without scoring a single goal. Son Heung-min was a nightmare for City, scoring four goals 스포츠토토.

Guardiola’s City have won three consecutive Premier League titles this year. It’s only the third time in Premier League history (Manchester United twice) and the second time by a manager, behind only Alex Ferguson.

City has an FA Cup final against Manchester United and a Champions League final against Inter Milan. If they win all three, they will become the second Premier League club to accomplish the feat, after Manchester United in 1999.

But even this City pales in comparison to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and Son Heung-min.

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