The Real Madrid women’s soccer team and men’s basketball team are also supporting Vinicius Junior (22-Real Madrid).

The Real Madrid women’s soccer team wore Vinicius jerseys as a team before their Copa de la Reina quarterfinal match against Athletic Bilbao on Friday (May 25). They posed for a group photo with Vinicius’ name and jersey number 20.

The Real Madrid basketball team, playing on the same day, also wore Vinicius jerseys as a team before their game against Real Betis. They wrote Vinicius’ name and jersey number on their jerseys. “We are only with you, Vinicius,” the Real basketball team wrote.

It was a show of support for Vinicius, who was recently the victim of a racist attack during a game against Valencia. Vinicius was chanted “monkey, get lost!” by the Valencia home crowd during the match on April 22. It wasn’t just a few people chanting, it was a racist slur from the majority of the crowd.

Eventually, Vinicius exploded. In second-half stoppage time, Valencia fans threw filth at him, and he shouted back at them. This escalated into a brawl between players from both teams, and Vinicius was sent off.

Real Madrid played a home game against Rayo Vallecano on the 25th. The Real Madrid men’s team took the field as a group, wearing Vinicius jerseys. Vinicius watched the game from the dugout with Real Madrid president Florentino Perez.

Before kickoff, players from both Real Madrid and Bayekano posed for a photo with a banner that read “No to racism”. In the first 20 minutes, the entire crowd turned to look at Vinicius and gave him a standing ovation. It was the time of day when Vinicius’ jersey number was 20. Vinicius jumped to his feet, waved and returned the favor.

토토사이트 After scoring the game-winning goal, Hodriguez bowed his head, put his left hand on his hip and raised his right fist in a gesture of respect. It’s a gesture that signifies the fight against racism.

“The collective support for Vinicius was beautiful,” Hodriguez said in a post-match interview, adding, “The racism he faced could have happened to any player. It’s a bad thing that happens a lot in soccer, but I’m happy. I’m happy because people around the world are trying to fight against racism.”

The Real men’s soccer team, women’s soccer team and men’s basketball team all showed their support for Vinicius and spoke out against racism in unison.

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