Seattle Supersonics legend Sean Kemp, the predecessor of Oklahoma City, has been charged with first-degree assault. However, Sean Camp’s lawyers said they would plead not guilty.

Local media such as ESPN reported on the 16th (Korean time) that the Pierce County District Attorney’s Office in Wisconsin, USA, has decided to prosecute Seattle SuperSonics legend Sean Camp, who was selected six times as an NBA All-Star, in connection with the shooting in March.

Shawn Camp’s attorney Scott Botman said on the same day, “We learned that the Pierce County District Attorney’s Office has decided to prosecute him. Sean Camp will plead his innocence in an indictment. We fully cooperated with the police and the prosecutor’s office throughout the entire process. He said, “I am confident that if I see the witnesses and the evidence, I will conclude that he is justified.” 먹튀검증

Sean Camp was a Seattle superstar in the 1990s and an NBA icon at the time. He created a craze with his tremendous athleticism and slam dunk. He was Seattle’s signature star, forming the league’s best one-two punch alongside Gary Payton.

However, his heyday was very short-lived due to his poor self-management. He was arrested for possession of drugs in April 2005 and was arrested for possession of marijuana the following year.

This case is a shooting. The Tacoma Police Department, Washington, USA, said about the incident, ‘Theft occurred in Sean Kemp’s car parked in a parking lot. A number of items were stolen, including a cell phone. Recognizing this fact, Shawn Kemp pursued with a vehicle, and a gunfight ensued. No injuries were reported, and the gun was recovered.”

Shawn Kemp is active in bringing an NBA team back to Seattle after the Seattle Supersonics moved to Oklahoma City. Since his retirement he has run several businesses in Seattle.

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