Park Dong-won (33) returned home after receiving a uniform from the LG Twins club after signing a free agent contract. He immediately put on the new uniform in advance and left a selfie photo by himself. He joined LG with excitement and said, “I want to play on the ground as soon as possible.”

Park Dong-won moved from KIA Tigers to LG with a 4-year, 6.5 billion won FA contract at the end of November last year. LG succeeded in negotiating with Park Dong-won immediately after negotiations with Yoo Gang-nam (a total of 8 billion won in 4 years), which left for the Lotte Giants, were not feasible.

Park Dong-won wore the uniform of three teams in one year. After joining Nexen (currently Kiwoom) Heroes in 2009, he moved to KIA through a cash trade in April of last year. It was a bold decision by KIA with the goal of advancing to the postseason. KIA took the last train of the postseason, but ended fall baseball early. And Park Dong-won chose to transfer from the FA market.

He regretted, “In KIA (joined by trade during the season), there was not enough time to figure out the pitcher. 스포츠토토 I also lacked.” So, he said that he said a lot of “I’m sorry” when he was contacted by KIA pitching juniors. Since Park Dong-won also changed teams for the first time during the season, it was not easy for him to understand the pitcher’s characteristics and match his breath.

So, during this spring camp, we plan to put more effort into it. As he has to move to a new team and become the main catcher, his priority is to identify the pitcher. He said, “There is enough time to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of the players through field training.” During the off-season, I also talked with the pitchers little by little, and in the future, I plan to exchange opinions in more depth by referring to detailed data such as vertical movement.

If necessary, he plans to contact Yoo Kang-nam directly. He said, “I met (Yoo) Gangnam once by chance while working out. At that time, he said, ‘LG pitching staff is really good and it was really comfortable.’ I’ll have to call and ask.”

Park Dong-won, who has been in his 15th year since his debut, has never played as a winning catcher on the professional stage. He is more desperate to win than anyone else. Park Dong-won said, “I have never won a championship while playing baseball. LG is aiming for a championship in 29 years, and my goal is to win my first championship. My personal goal is to win a lot in my games.”