Thompson could be heading to the Lakers.

‘The Athletic’ reported on the 20th (Korean time) that the Los Angeles Lakers had a workout with Tristan Thompson and Tony Bradley.

The Lakers are competing fiercely for the rankings. Every game counts for entry into the play-in tournament. 안전놀이터

The Lakers have a long way to go, and Anthony Davis’ backup job has been left vacant since Mo Bamba has recently left due to injury. Wenjell Gabriel is playing a lot of time, but there is a situation where he is lacking. As a result, the Lakers are looking to recruit additional big men in the free agent market.

Thompson is one of the potential players to join the Lakers as a final piece of the puzzle. During his time in Cleveland, he contributed to the team’s championship behind LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. If he joins the Lakers, he’ll be reuniting with LeBron for the first time since his time in Cleveland.

Thompson may not be tall, but his rebounding ability is a big strength. In particular, his offensive rebound, which gives the team the right to attack based on his tenacity at the crucial moment, is his signature play. It’s one of the reasons Thompson earned such a high salary in Cleveland, even without his scoring prowess.

However, Thompson, who has been on a downward curve since leaving Cleveland, has yet to play this season, unable to save his team. He is a veteran with a lot of experience, but he has long since played a real game, so there are bound to be concerns about his senses.

Another big man, Bradley, whom the Lakers explored for recruitment, is a player who has been active as a backup center in Utah, Philadelphia, Oklahoma City, and Chicago. Bradley, who has a wingspan of 226 cm, can be a decent alternative at the moment when there are not many listings.

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