Barcelona, ​​which is struggling to sign a successor to Sergio Busquets, has come up with a new solution.

Spanish media ‘Lerevo’ reported on the 30th (Korean time), “Eric Garcia has played the role of Busquets in training in recent weeks.” 카지노

Recruiting a successor to Busquets is considered one of Barcelona’s homework. Busquets is already in his mid-thirties. It’s time to worry about aging. The dominant argument is that a successor is needed regardless of where he will go this summer.

Various players are being discussed as successors to Busquets. From Ruben Neves to Ilkay Gundogan, Martin Subimendi and Sofiang Amrabat, the list of candidates to sign Barcelona has risen and falls.

There are no clear results yet. Barcelona could not actively jump into the recruitment due to the unstable financial situation. Due to the issue of the upper limit on the annual salary, it is not possible to even promote a free contract.

Eventually, the existing squad began looking for a successor to Busquets. Reportedly, Barcelona plan to experiment with Eric Garcia in a busquets role between now and the end of the season.

Eric Garcia’s original position is centre-back. As he has good defense and footwork, he is also a player worth considering changing his position to a defensive midfielder.

‘Lerebo’ said, “Garcia is confident in his new role. It seems that he will be of great help in securing playing time, which was lacking.”

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