Tottenham Hotspur is getting closer to signing Clement Lenglet completely.

Last summer, Tottenham wanted to sign a centre-back with build-up skills. There were many candidates. I contacted Yoszko Grabardiol, Alessandro Bastoni, Glaisson Bremer, and Milan Shkriniar. But no progress was made.

That’s how we reached the end of the transfer window. Tottenham, in a hurry, brought in a center back through loan. The main character is Langley. Langle, who was active in Barcelona, ​​was receiving a decent opportunity to participate, but his position was greatly shaken from last season and he was subject to sale. Negotiations progressed rapidly, and Langley entered London.

Within a limited squad, Lenglet consistently found opportunities to play. He has so far played 30 games, including cup competitions, scoring one goal and two assists.

However, it cannot be said that his performance is satisfactory. His build-up ability is decent, but his basic defense is uneasy. Tottenham fans could not hide their anxiety on the day of matching with Eric Dyer and Davinson Sanchez.

As the season draws to a close, Lenglet needs to secure his future. His most ideal plan is to stay at Tottenham. Because Barcelona do not want Lenglet to return. ‘Spurs Webb’, which conveys the news of Tottenham, quoted Spain’Marca’ and said, “Langley has performed well at Tottenham, but Barcelona will not include him in their plans next season.” In this situation, if Tottenham does not choose Langle’s complete recruitment, it will be a complete ‘Nakdong River duck egg’

Fortunately, Tottenham were interested in Langley. According to the Spanish media ‘Sport’, Tottenham is said to be close to signing Langle with a transfer fee of 13 million pounds (about 21.2 billion won). 메이저놀이터

Inter Milan also showed interest. ‘Sport’ reported that Inter Milan wanted to sign three centre-backs and were also interested in Lenglet. However, it was evaluated that the possibility of going to Inter Milan was low, revealing that Barcelona was negotiating with Tottenham about the transfer of Langley.

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