Woori Bank, who is about to win the regular league, has become more important for the role of bench members for the playoffs.

This season, Asan Woori Bank is the absolute top 1 of WKBL. By recruiting Danbi Kim in the free agent (FA) market, they built a strong lineup that leads to Park Hyejin, Park Jihyun, Choi Isam, Kim Danbi, and Kim Jeongeun. From the beginning of the season, Woori Bank showed off its overwhelming power, and on the 10th, it defeated Bucheon Hanawon Q, leaving only one win to win the regular league.

But there are also concerns. Except for Park Ji-hyeon and Choi Yi-sam, all of the main members are in their mid-30s. In fact, Woori Bank showed poor performance, falling into its first consecutive loss of the season after a 14-game winning streak was broken. Park Hye-jin and Choi Lee-sam’s injuries and the physical problems of the main players were revealed as poor performances. 슬롯사이트

The best way for the main members to arrange their stamina is to adjust their playing time. To do so, the active work of the bench members is absolutely necessary. Currently, Woori Bank’s core sixth man resources are Go Ara, Na Yoon-jung, and Park Da-jung, who is showing a recently improved play.

They played their part in the match against Hana 1Q and contributed to Woori Bank’s 94-60 victory. Na Yoon-jung played as a starter and ran for 19 minutes and 5 seconds, leaving a record of 5 points, 2 rebounds and 3 assists, while Go Ara played an active role with 7 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals for 23 minutes and 4 seconds. Park Da-jeong also showed Altoran-like play with 7 points and 3 assists, digesting 15 minutes and 17 seconds.

As the sixth men gained strength, the main members were able to take a break. Only Park Ji-hyun (30 minutes 53 seconds) and Park Hye-jin (30 minutes 22 seconds) completed 30 minutes. ran It was a time to participate in a sufficient amount of physical strength.

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